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And I believe the quality of questions defines the quality of life.

I often ask questions on conscious-parenting, mindful-living, B2B startups & sales!. Follow my trail & be part of my questions.

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What am I upto now?

The Whole Brain Child (#parenting), Homo Sapiens
E-myth Revisited

Another story for the Bear in Berlin.: "Bad mistake makes good story" - a story about an innocent mistake at the SF Airport, that could have gotten me deported.
(It always takes more time than expected, since its a creative process. Its painful to write, edit and rehearse. But I love it.)

Weekend Plans
Mastermind meetup to help my friends find job.
Fun time with my son, lots of language learning, outdoors and fixing the flat tyre on his bike (attempt #3).

What am I loving right now?
- 21 day Challenge - to write anything / something on linkedin (I'm trying to find my voice). If I lose, I'll donate $5/day to a cause that I hate.
- Cold Showers (atleast 1/day for last 30 days for better alertness, clarity in the morning)
- Cycling 6 times a week, to and back from work.

What made me laugh lately?
Hoboken Roast Beef story as told by Adam Wade at the Moth. A simple uneventful visit to a restaurant when told well becomes a story worth living.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and nownownow.com

An alternative way to parenting? Yes! ... on Reroutingpod.com.What started as a casual conversation with inspirational parents in my network, who seemed to have all figured out, became a weekly podcast when I first interviewed Tiffany ( who joined me as a cohost).
Below are an assortment of my current favourite episodes. For more, check out Reroutingpod.com.

The I AM Journey 🏍

God keep his eyes on you 👁


A taste of India in Brazil 🇧🇷🇮🇳

I am a backpacker 🎒